Sink Plan

Highlights of the preparation of the Wit Concrete

An extensive proposal was developed which encompassed all aspects of the decommissioning – stripping, cleaning, waste disposal, preparation, towage, positioning and sinking as required and is in line with the established terms of the reference, objectives and licensing requirements.

All parties involved has ensured all superstructure, hull, machinery, equipment, waste products (oil) are properly removed and disposed of in accordance with the terms of the Belize Department of Environment (DoE).

Removed all electrical wiring, outlets, switches, fuse/panel boxes, trunking, and fixtures from every room, chamber and compartment including external lights, light poles, antennas, in addition to an extensive list of other civil & mechanical works.

One of the critical elements included the stripping, cleaning and preparatory works prior to sinking is the removal of the anchor chain from the bow compartment so it could have been cleaned and de-greased.

TASA contracted the services of Green Wave Industries, a company which specializes in cleaning, handling and disposal of hazardous materails, and is licensed by the department of Environment. They provide their services to a wide range of local Belizean companies such as Puma, Belize Natural Energy, the Big Creek Group, and come highly recommended for the scope of works involved in removing the waste oil, bilge water and soot from the vessel. The works have been overseen by Out Island Construction Co. LTD (OIC)

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The Witconcrete wreck will act as an artificial reef attracting and retaining marine life (jacks, groupers, barracudas, hammerhead, rays, corals, etc.).